Ingredient IQ (The Ultimate Meal Planning Notion Template)

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Ingredient IQ - Become a Boss in the kitchen

Do you love to eat home cooked meals but think that you are too busy?

Meet Emily

Emily is a busy professional that loves to cook (and eat) but hates planning and shopping for meals.

Emily has a few fresh ingredients in the fridge and a lot of staple items in the pantry. What she doesn't know is that she can make a few delicious recipes with what she has on hand like Chicken Scampi or Pesto Lasagna Rolls or even Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. We have gathered the Top 50 most saved recipes from - you are sure to love these classic dishes.

Emily found Ingredient IQ to select which meals she wants to cook for the week and creates a shopping list (organized by store) directly from the recipe. At the end of the week she uses this template to see what she can make with the left over ingredients.

Emily saves time & money & eats well!

Be like Emily and enjoy cooking again by using Ingredient IQ.

What do you get with this template?

  • Advanced Formulas that let you know what recipes you can cook with the ingredients that you currently have on hand (it will also calculate how close you are if you missing some ingredients)
  • Shopping List creation directly in the recipe - select the ingredients that you need and create a shopping list that can be categorized by store to make like easy
  • A database of the Top 50 Saved Recipes from
    • Classic pasta dishes, mouth watering desserts and comforting family favorites


Will I need to sign up for Notion to use the template?

Yes, you will need Notion in order to view this template. But don't sweat it. IT'S FREE! Notion all-in-one online tool to help you organize your life from taking notes to balancing your budget to cooking delicious food. The possibilities are endless.

Who are you?

My name is Alex Hues. I have an extensive advertising and marketing background and I've decided to go out on my own and I officially launched my own business. Some call me a solopreneur. I'm a one man show, but I'd call myself lucky to do what I love. I do it all from planning online marketing campaigns to graphic design and website building. Notion has been a great resource for me as I plan my business endeavors and I wanted to combine my love of Notion and the love of food to create Ingredient IQ. I hope you enjoy.

Have any questions?

You can find me on Twitter @Notion_0to60


drop me an email:

I want this!

Your pantry and your fridge are probably both filled with a lot of delicious ingredients, but why is there still nothing that you can make into a meal? Are you an ingredient or two away from making a complete dinner for you or your family? Get organized with Ingredient IQ to make cooking, shopping and planning easier. Ingredient lists can be selected to show up on your shopping list. Take your list with you and tick off items that you have purchased - even organize by the store where you typically buy the ingredient. Enjoy cooking and meal planning again. Save time and save money with Ingredient IQ.


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Ingredient IQ (The Ultimate Meal Planning Notion Template)

6 ratings
I want this!